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Automatically deploy your .NET Core app using Github Actions

I recently discovered Github Actions as an amazingly simple way to set up continuous integration for my .NET Core web apps.

A long time ago, I wrote about how I host my webapps on a small Linux VPS. To deploy a new version I have to build my web app, copy the files over onto my server and then restart my systemd service that starts the dotnet runtime and runs the application.

Controlling WS2812B strip with .NET Core on Raspberry Pi

I love messing around with LEDs and now you can do it with .NET Core running on a Raspberry Pi!

Hosting a .NET Core app on a Linux VPS

Small Linux virtual private servers (VPS) are a super cheap option to host .NET Core apps.

I'm going to set up an app on a brand new VPS from INIZ - a simple single CPU server with 512MB RAM, 40GB of storage and 1TB bandwidth is more than enough for most simple apps and only costs £15 a year!